Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Secret For a Successful Ecommerce Website

Businesses have moved from traditional brick and mortar stores to online marketplace that is more dynamic and ever evolving. Businesses today need to develop ecommerce websites or integrate ecommerce functionality into their website to ensure they are adapting to the trends for an enduring success. This post goes to all the businesses looking for the ways that would make their website a successful business model.

Every ecommerce website has some crucial points that define the success of a business and ensure that your online efforts do not fall behind and your business reaps the maximum benefits of your website.

Crucial Spots For a Successful Ecommerce Website

Domain Name

The domain name should shout out loud about your business and should hint at products or services you are providing. It should be short and catchy so that the potential customers can easily remember it. Take the example of eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and Flipkart. In short, the domain name should be short, catchy, brandable and easily memorable.


Website development domain is sweeping with many technologies both open-source and paid. Choose according to your need. Open-source platforms like OpenCart, Cs-Cart, Magento and WoooCommerce offers all the benefits that an ecommerce website will need. Choose the technology that helps you develop a sleek ecommerce website with the right mix of all the elements and delivers a great UI/UX.

Logistics Support

If you have a fat budget and can really afford to spend then go ahead and invest in a warehouse, cold storages (if your business demands) across your areas of operation especially where the majority of the population resides. This will ensure a quick service to your customers.

Ways To Ensure More Revenue
Optimise Your Store For SEO (Organic Search)

Ranking high in the searches is necessary for your ecommerce store. This will ensure that your store is getting more traffic which will eventually lead to more conversions.

The right approach is to identify the keywords that are the backbone of your website. For instance, an apparel ecommerce store will have “shirts” or “trousers” as solid keywords.

Tip: Gooogle keywords planner is a great tool that helps create Search Network campaigns by providing ideas for keywords and also suggesting how those keywords may perform.

Page Load Speed

The user today wants more in less time. The faster your website loads the lower will be the page abandonment on your website. So, make sure that your website offers a seamless user experience and loads swiftly. Research has shown that users expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less and if it takes more than that, they will leave your site.


The rising popularity of mobile devices and its use for accessing the internet has made it necessary for the businesses to ensure their websites serve all kind of users. To ensure an all rounded user experience make sure that your website is designed to facilitate multiple devices.

A responsive web design basically is the one that adapts and changes according to the behaviour of the user and screen size of the device being used to access the website. In short, your website has to be “one-size-fits-all.”

According to the industry experts, a successful ecommerce business model will have following qualities:

A dynamic and user-friendly interface
Always up-to-date with all the latest offerings
Offers multiple payment gateways and multiple modes of payment
Mobile friendly or responsive
A properly managed store
On-demand tracking functionality
Cloud based hosting
A robust market model

The Ecommerce Success Mantra

Adopt these techniques and choose the right technology that complements your business. Also, make sure you connect with the right ecommerce website development company. A right company will have the excellence and would know the difference between basic informational websites and ecommerce stores. A right ecommerce store will have an intuitive interface and would be geared to deliver a personalised experience to each user, and this an expert development company would very well know how to deliver.

Hiring a dedicated development company will ensure that your website is sliced and justified to attend to the specific needs of you business segment.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve the information and now you even know what all you need for a successful store, go ahead make the right move and hire a right development company. Why not try ChilliApple Ltd.? Connect with them for a free consultation and discuss your requirement. Want to know where to find them? Reach them at: